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Time To Exhale

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Everything comes and goes - just like our breath.

To grasp at anything, to hold on tightly to anything (money, possessions, moods, feelings, thoughts, teachings, etc) is equivalent to holding your breath.

And how long can you do that before you would die?

Are we slowly killing ourselves from grasping so tightly (holding our breath) to what we think is right? What we think we NEED?

We don’t grasp at our exhales. We easily let that go.

We easily exhale and with the next inhale we have MOVED ON.

To grasp at anything is to live in lack consciousness, fear consciousness.

But this is not who we are.

We don’t hoard our breath. We exhale without a second thought! We don’t worry that this breath is more special than any other breath. We don’t worry that the air we breath is rare, might run out, is hard to find, must be worked hard for, is only for the elite, etc.

Rich or poor, guru or every-day-joe, we all breath the same.

Breathe it in

Breathe in fear, breathe in confidence, breathe in negativity, breathe in positivity.

And then...


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