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About MF  Kristen

"I AM the wondrous state of 'aliveness'. It is my norm, my default. Epically amazing, happy, energetic, joyful, lovely, bad-ass Goddess who can truly do anything! I am that brilliant, extraordinary colossal presence at all times."

Who is this fun-loving, unparalleled manifester, and outdoor enthusiast who constantly gets to explore the adventurously wonderful life of her dreams?

This is Kristen Mother F*cking Clark, a powerful (and empowering) woman who has been called the Teacher of Teachers and the Supernova, Beyond-the-Leading-Edge Thought Leader of this generation. Never are you going to find a person more colossally confident, and capable of becoming a master of whatever endeavor she sets her sights on with such a stunning, crazy, fun-loving presence.

Kristen lives a truly enchanted and joyful life. She loves living bold AF and is a hugely sought-after and adored keynote speaker. 

Kristen is the published author of two amazing books, 3, 2, 1 No More Pain, and Living from The Gush. And she is a one-of-a-kind, trail-blazing mentor who loves exploring the constantly delightful, infinitely expansive, and exciting world of unending possibilities within all her clients.

When exploring the bottomless depths of this kick-ass ride called human existence, Kristen has been helping people connect, trust, and celebrate their unique internal guidance and brilliance for over 15 years. Her motto is "Life is simple, easy, and fun." and she is in her greatest joy when she is showing others how to access this extraordinary part of themselves. She offers her services through speaking events, mentorships, prerecorded courses, free videos, seminars, webinars and so much more.

Whether you need assistance in the physical, mental, spiritual, and/or emotional levels of your Being - Kristen is going to show you just how easy it truly is to step into the wondrous life, and extraordinary Being of confidence, that is the very essence of you.

“If you're not LIVING a great story, it's only because you're not TELLING a great story." 


Kristen MF Clark

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