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Upcoming Events

Don't miss one of these life-changing events with Kristen MF Clark, whether online or in person!

"Your ability to manipulate your reality is extraordinary and I am here to support, cheerlead, and be the biggest damn spotlight on the fantastic and incredible that is YOU.

I am so addicted to the constant thrill of watching people immediately and instantly transform their lives that I couldn't imagine living any other kind of life." ~ Kristen


"Often, the smallest shift in how you view your world can be all that stands between you and your next-level dream life. It's time to stop thinking of God and start thinking AS God." ~KMFC

Croaked, taking a dirt nap, departed, conked, went west, worm food, pushing up daisies, bought the farm, went bung, etc. There was a time when death wasn't such a taboo topic. In fact, in many cultures death is rejoiced in the same way a caterpillar emerging from its cocoon is celebrated.

  • What happens when the version of you that fears death dies?

  • Who do you become when you can easily see what happens "beyond death"?

  • How radically does your world change when death and suicide take on a whole new definition and role other than an ending?


Join Kristen for an exciting, immensely freeing, and mind-blowing adventure with the part of you that understands what death truly is. 

Warning: to engage with Kristen is to embark on a journey of jolting epiphanies, exciting limitlessness, and intense feelings of freedom.

Saturday, November 11, 2023
9am (PDT)

"Kristen is a national & international treasure!"

"Kristen's events ALWAYS leave you completely transformed, completely wowed, and awed to your very core."

​"There just is no one out there like Kristen."

"I have never felt so high, so empowered, and so completely capable of accomplishing anything!"


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