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Upcoming Events

Whether it's online or in person, don't miss one of these life-changing events with Kristen Clark!

"Your ability to manipulate your reality is extraordinary and I am here to support, cheerlead, and be the biggest damn spotlight on the fantastic and incredible that is YOU.

I am so addicted to the constant thrill of watching people immediately and instantly transform their lives that I couldn't imagine living any other kind of life." ~ Kristen


Picture yourself walking confidently down the street. Imagine you have the ideal body and health of your dreams. You see yourself easily walking tall, chin lifted with pride. In your mind's eye, you move with the ease of absolute surety in your power, natural magnetism, and appeal.


Suddenly you notice people doing double takes as you walk by, you begin getting compliments and "Hellos". Some people even outright stare as you go by. Your friends stop you to tell you that you look amazing.

The next day you find yourself powerfully inspired to go for a hike. As you walk up the trails you notice you are moving along effortlessly. What should have been difficult and a chore is easy. You also notice that you have no appetite or cravings for the sugary, unhealthy foods that you were so addicted to just yesterday. And, wow, these jeans that were so tight last week are suddenly ridiculously loose today...

The above story is a chapter out of Kristen's everyday life.  And many of her clients have even more astonishing results just from making a simple shift in how they use their minds and imagination.


In the BODY HAPPY webinar, Kristen will take you through a fun and simple step-by-step process for immediate and extraordinary results. Experience the ultimate freedom from ever struggling with your weight, health, or body imagery ever again! 

Step into your ideal body NOW.

All webinars are held live on Zoom. After payment is received, you will get a welcome email detailing the room code and password.

Looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your ultimate mind-blowing results.

Saturday, May 20th, 2023
9am - 12p (PDT)

"Kristen is a national & international treasure!"

"Kristen's events ALWAYS leave you completely transformed, completely wowed, and awed to your very core."

​"There just is no one out there like Kristen."

"I have never felt so high, so empowered, and so completely capable of accomplishing anything!"


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