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The Experiencing Is The Ecstasy

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

You are not a Being of beginnings and ends.

That is the greatest illusion within this Now moment.

There was existence before this existence and there is no expiring of something called the human experience.

You are forever a Being BE-ing.

In every Now you move from one expansive experience to the next - never encountering an ending point or a ceilinged perfect Now.

All Nows are your masterpiece to end all masterpieces - and then comes another. Forever expanding with wonder and magic into an infinite of infinities.

The process is the joy.

The experiencing is the ecstasy.

The becoming is the wonder.

Each Now is but your greatest dream-step leading to yet one more, forever blossoming your expansion.

Feel the ecstatic thrill at each in-breath.

Know your loving creative genius within each anguished sob.

This experience, this right Now-moment is your most wondrous yet.

Your most powerful, your most brilliant, your most dazzling monument.

Never before have you been this supreme, this superb, this luminously almighty - for you take this blinding radiance and you cloak it within a new experience called drab, called normal, called repeat.

But, oh look! The facade, it cracks...

❤ Kristen

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