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Oh, The Wonder of You…

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Have you ever had a new wisdom come your way only to have it completely shift your reality? (Eg: The Secret, Christianity, Quantum Theory). Have you ever been so taken with someone’s accomplishments, wisdom, or state of being that you immediately take what they say to you, about you, or about life, as the God’s Honest Truth?

For the Law of Attraction crew it might be Abraham Hicks. For the Law of Assumption crew it might be Neville Goddard. For Buddhists it might be the Dalai Lama. For the Christianity crew it might be Jesus, etc. (Fill in the space with your own “guru”.)

So, imagine going to a live seminar where this person is going to speak, and you have a front-row ticket and are going to get to ask this person (or channeled being) a question. How exciting is this? How fun is this? Think of how wonderful you feel whenever you’ve read their words - but now you get to hear them live! Think of the powerful a-ha’s you’ve experienced from listening to them prerecorded (YouTube, etc.), and how their teachings have changed your life. And now you get to be the center of their attention for a short bit. Just take a moment to revel in all the awesome and happy feels at this prospect…(if you are thinking of someone who is dead, just play along that you get to talk to them.)

Now, take a moment to consider that YOU created this individual to bring to you this wondrous wisdom. YOU are the Source. YOU are the generator of it all. For some reason, you couldn’t allow all that wisdom to simply flow through you as you are - so you brought it to you through the “path of least resistance”, as an answer to a request or a prayer.

You asked, it was delivered. Through another means but it is still YOUR wisdom, YOUR brilliance, YOUR extraordinary-ness.

What if all those giddy, joyful, and exciting feelings you had at the prospect of getting to talk to your “guru”, you instead had about yourself?

For crimeny sakes - YOU HAVE A DIRECT LINK to all that brilliance! You get to jump over the middleman and look straight in the mirror at the CEO of this magical world you live in!

Can you go that big?


Can you give others the permission to be that bright, by shining blindingly first?

Fuck, yes!

If the world around you is to rise to levels never seen before - YOU must lead the way. And if you are reading this, then a part of you already knows this (cuz you created this!) and is done playing small.

My sun-glasses are on and ready!

Oh, the wonder of you!

💖 Kristen

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