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Living From The Gush

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

“You are always one decision away from a totally different life.”

CONSIDER THAT YOU WERE born loving and trusting yourself. There was no criticism about your actions, thoughts, feelings, or moods. There was no concern about getting it right or doing it wrong; there was no second-guessing the you of right now.

You simply lived moment by moment.

When you cried, you cried. When you laughed, you laughed. You allowed anger, you allowed sadness, you allowed joy.

There was no beliefs of right or wrong, upstream or downstream, negative or positive, or superior or inferior. There was simply life to be lived and experienced.

In every single moment, you celebrated who you were by not questioning this Now-person but, instead, submerged yourself into being her/him wholly.

And in the very next moment, you could 180 altogether, and that was awesome, too.

If you were to zoom out from this current now and take a good look at your lifeline, you would see countless fortuitous moments where you happen to be in the right place at the right time, to experience something that led to the next amazing experience, and then the next one.

And now look at how many of those experiences you’ve had. Take a moment to consider that You have never led you astray.

Through the toughest of times, the scariest of fears and the biggest of doubts – You have never abandoned you. You have always been right by your side, holding your hand tightly, leading the way with each step perfectly placed with perfect timing, and perfect direction.

I invite each of us to daringly move forward into each next now moment with the absolute faith and excitement of a child opening presents.

To, instead of fearing what is coming, eagerly rush into it with jubilation and excited anticipation!

Rather than being worried about tomorrow, because the rent is due and your wallet is empty, can we, preferably, move into a space of, “I can’t wait for tomorrow!” in anticipation of the magic that ALWAYS comes.

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