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A Night of Complete Transformation!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Take a moment, right now, to feel into your expansiveness.

You know what I am talking about – it is a feeling of bigness, expansion, infinity-ness. It’s the feeling of absolute confidence and surety. It’s that powerful feeling you get from an “a-ha”, and life-changing epiphanies.

From here you can easily see yourself as a giant – towering far above the world at your feet. Tall buildings become small, people and their issues become insignificant, and you can easily get bigger and bigger until your head is in the clouds and you can see for hundreds or thousands of miles around you.

Go ahead, and get so big that your head is far out into space and the earth is just a dot. But more than seeing this – I want you to feeeeel it. Feel yourself, your chest, your shoulders, your everything just getting bigger and bigger.

Now, take a moment to close your eyes and really be with this enormous feeling. Let it get as big as it wants. Go ahead, I’m going to do it, too.

Now, find the feelings of fear, worry and doubt. Feel the corset-like constriction in your solar-plexus. Feel the tightening down of your throat and esophagus. Just like with expansiveness – really go into the feeling of this. Now just for a minute, close your eyes and feel what this smallness feels like. Don’t be afraid. I’m going to do it with you, too.

What did you feel?

Constriction? Caged? Tight? Alone?

Or something else you can’t really name?

Now, go back to that expansiveness. Spread your arms and just Go!

Now go back to that constricted smallness.

Take the next few minutes to flip-flop, back and forth, between the two.

Get good at feeling the difference between these two states.

Spend as much time in each – to really get to know them, and then flip again.

Homework to kick this up to the stratosphere:

This is to be done tonight as you lay in bed, quietly, getting ready to fall asleep.

Find that feeling of expansiveness. Let it get big. Settle into it and accept no other thoughts or feelings as you lay there. If your mind wanders, simply bring it back to that feeling of big, expansive, unrestrained energy.

Side note: Moving into this space of expansion is a powerful shift of your very being. It is akin to the energy of infinite possibility. It may cause the illusion of no sleep, heart palpitations (in a good way), and slight anxiousness. This is very normal as you integrate this energy into your cells, molecules and atoms. Every time your mind tries to pull you back into the smallness of worry – simple settle back into your space of expansion, and enjoy what is going to be a night of complete transformation.

As you go about your day after doing the homework – take the time (maybe set your phone alarm to remind you) to settle into the space of expansion. Even bring in the constricted smallness feeling once in a while – but chances are, you will notice when your mind tries to do this automatically, anyway. When the small thoughts and feelings try to come back in, instead of examining yourself doing this – just simply shift back to your expansive bigness.

The shift back is as easy as breathing.

p.s - I would love to know your own wonderful experiences with this. Reach out to me at, or comment below.

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