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The Best Scavenger Hunt Ever.

I have decided that my next house will have little, sparkly jewels intermittently built into the floors, walls, countertops, fireplace mantel, etc. simply as a little “oh, look at that!”. A scavenger hunt built into the architecture of my house. And, as you can imagine, there will come a time when I will have found every little jewel around that house and the initial “Wow!” won’t be as big - and when that time comes, I’m sure I will be onto the next fun idea.

All because I can.

I used to love to flit from this medium, to that channeler, to that mystic, etc.  Forever seeking that exciting, “Wow!”

I would find a talented mystic, get that ever-exciting “blown-away” feeling, zip up into the ecstatic emotions of “I have found the hidden Secret to the Universe!” (So, f-ing addicting), drag all my current friends with me, meet new exciting compadres who “get it” (whatever “it” is in that moment), and spend months playing in this new exciting sandbox.

Until I was done. And then onto the next.

Such delightful experiences and what a fun, enchanting existence.

Some people’s treasure hunt is rooting out right and wrong behaviors.

For others it is an addiction to entertaining movies or video games.

For that group over there it is physical thrill seeking.

And for some it is emotional illnesses.

And each of those sandboxes is alluring in its own wondrous way and we can choose to play in that game for days, months, or years - simply because we can.

It is so entertaining to play in the “seeking, searching, experiencing” sandboxes. It is like being on a treasure hunt where you find diamonds, rubies, and shiny gold doubloons along the way. And even though you never really find that final enormous treasure trove of riches - it’s the game of “pick up and put in your pocket” that is the ultimate fun. You never want it to end.

This is life, existence, my love. It is one big game, until it isn’t - and then you’re onto seeking out the next scavenger hunt, the next sandbox, that we get to grow so entrenched in that we call it “reality”, we call it real.


This image was taken in the fall of 2021 at Green Valley Lake in California. My current wonderful home and creation.

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