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I was sitting at a table with “friends” and they were talking about the horrible (according to them) state of the world, the governments, cities, etc. They were simply regurgitating what they had seen earlier on the news. Nothing came from a space of good news or joy. I realized they had resigned themselves to this horrible news as fact, and in that I realized I had resigned myself to suffer through this conversation. That this was what being around them was going to be like.

As I sat there - I decided I’d had enough of all that shit and, instead, imagined (revised) them talking from a space of excitement, satisfaction, delight, and exuberance. I gently imagined being pulled into the conversation with ease and fun.

Within minutes the conversation turned to the beauty of this town and mountain, the gorgeous houses and lake, the peacefulness, the serenity, and all the fantastic people. We talked about planting tulip bulbs, new yard landscaping ideas, deer, bear and mountain lion sightings, and all that the lakes are exceptionally full and the fish are plentiful.

You are the Creator. You have a responsibility to your reality and so, why would you tolerate anything other than extraordinary, delightful, and fun for your masterpiece?

It’s time to take ownership - no more playing small and insignificant. Be bold AF, decide what your reality will be and no more resigning yourself to anything that isn’t the most fantastic dream come true.


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