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What A Difference A Smile Makes - My Christmas Miracle

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

This (the photo below) was my day on Dec. 26th, 2022 (these are bags from tons of cancelled flights).

My 6:30a flight from Florida (that I got up at 3:45a for) was “delayed” every half hour until noon when it was cancelled. Then was the trying to figure out what to do b/c the airline desk personnel disappeared about 30 seconds before they announced our cancellations. 😆

But through all the airport craziness - I kept a smile and cheerful and grateful attitude always saying “thank you for working” to all the personnel that were around and doing an amazing job of helping the hundreds of people who were stranded.

Hence, I wasn’t surprised when everything worked out perfectly for me from finding a flight out when no one else could, to meeting a great family who carpooled me to where my car was parked at LAX (an hour’s drive away from the airport that we landed in), to so many other WONDERFUL surprises that just smoothed out all the inconvenience.

No matter what situation you are in - you ALWAYS get to the other side of it. ALWAYS. And if you can just leap frog (mentally) over all the “agghhh”, worries and fears and interact with that future version of you who said, “Ah, honey, this all works out in the end just fine.” You will quickly find synchronistic doors start opening up for you all around.

While this day was a day where I was stuck at the airport for 12 hours and by the time my head hit a pillow - it had been 24 hours since I woke up the day before - it truly was 24 hours of COUNTLESS serendipitous miracles, delights, and fortuitous events over and over.

Smile babes, you get to the other side of this.

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Just glad you got home safe and just as usual you made it an adventure!

Mi piace
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