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Neville Goddard Lessons - Understanding Suicide and The Old Man

Updated: May 7, 2023

So, you look into your own minds eye and know exactly what you want in this world. When you know what you want in place of what you are, then you are seeing your savior, your “Jesus”. Don’t let Him go, but let all else go.” – Neville Goddard

What exactly is “suicide”? Isn’t it just the final removal of a state of being that you are no longer tolerant of? The moving from a state of disappointment, unhappiness, and struggle into one of relief, ease, and freedom? And how is that any different from manifestation? When we desire something, we are in a state of wanting change. We desire the removal of one state and the manifestation of another. All it is, is the simple shift of one state (I AM) to another.

However, in order to manifest something, first I need to kill the old me (what Neville calls “The Old Man”), the one to whom my desire was impossible. Is it hard? Never. But you have to be willing to dig a deep-ass hole and throw the “old man” in, so the “new man” can be born.


“Disengage yourself from the whole vast belief that you formerly entertained, and hold on in your imagination to the concept that you ARE the man that you want to be… For you will RESSURECT and make alive the state that began only as a concept. If you remain faithful to the concept you will be led right into the fulfillment of that state. It is called, in the Bible, re-birth.” – Neville Goddard

I’m never going to manifest a relationship if I constantly speak/think of loneliness. It’s impossible to manifest more money if I view myself as poor. And I will never manifest the body and health of my dreams if I constantly point out and talk about it’s opposite. So, the first step is always abandoning the old state. Killing off that “old man”.


“If you want something, you can have it, but YOU MUST BE WILLING TO GIVE UP WHAT YOU ARE NOW in order to be what you want to be. That is the only price you pay. No sacrifice is required outside of giving up the state in which you find yourself and moving into the state where you want to be, for they are only states.” – Neville Goddard

My personal example: I have a friend with who I was barely speaking to for the last two years because of some age-old argument and I wanted our relationship to be great again. I was imagining and feeling us happy again. But “somehow” it wasn’t working out as I wanted. In my mind, every time he was reaching out to me I was playing the hurt one. I wanted our friendship to be great like it was. But I also wanted him to apologize. I needed him to admit his wrong-doing.

But to be good friends again - I needed to let that entire "old man" (the old story, the victimization, etc.) go.


I realized I had never fully moved into my desired state, I was only faking it. Because if I’m truly KNOWING that we are friends again, and I’ve even reversed our argument to that it never happened, then what do I want to be apologized to for?

In my desired state, there was nothing to be apologized for. Nothing to feel hurt about.

What I had been doing for those two years was being double-minded.

That’s what Neville talks about. When your desires don’t seem to manifest - this is why.

When you try to manifest a new desire (the new man), but insist on embodying the old desire (the old man), that’s when we’re receiving nothing but frustration.

“I say to everyone: you can be anything you want to be, but you cannot be double-minded. You can not talk doom and gloom and expect miracles. You can’t walk around only buying tomatoes only when they are on sale and feel your wealth is real.” – Neville Goddard

So, I wholly and completely moved into the state of “no argument ever happened” (killed off the old victim-version of myself) and just last week I received the most loving text from my friend full of compliments and adoration. And he invited me out for all-expenses-paid dinner at a high-end restaurant. And to make it even better, the argument has lessened (and continues to) in my own memory. As if it was “all in my imagination”.


“So, if you have learned the art of dying, you have learned the art of living. For man is immortal and he must die endlessly. For life was a creative idea, and it will find itself only in changing form. If I do not change and grow and outgrow, and grow and outgrow, then I know nothing of the mystery of Easter, for Easter is really the greatest of all mysteries. Its when man awakens within himself from his birth at Bethlehem and he awakens as God. That’s the story of Easter.” – Neville Goddard

It is one thing to wait around for “death” (your new state) and an entirely different thing to take the bull by the horns (suicide) so your new state (life of your dreams) can come in immediately.

So, one more time. Suicide. Kill off the “old man”.

Your desires are worth it!

💖 Kristen MF Clark

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