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Take a look at the image of this dragon.

Look at its enormity, its regal essence, and its air of pure power.

Do you think worries of vibrations of negative or positive bother it?

Do you think it pays any attention to rantings or hostile opinions of some tiny person at its feet?

Can you imagine this extraordinary beast bemoaning its past or worries of the future?

Does any part of this image speak of weakness, fragility, unsureness, or vulnerability?

This pure power is YOU. This is an absolute reflection of you.

Did you notice yourself feeling the power within your answers to the above questions?

Did your posture shift as you imagined the absolute peace of being so high above the bother of worries and fears? (If not you can go there now.)

At any time - you can pull up this image and step into this colossal state of expansion. Feel yourself spreading those magnificent wings. Imagine the ease of paying no attention to unpleasant things. In fact, they don’t register on your radar because your brilliant mind is up in the stratosphere of surety, solid knowings, and absolute certainty of your own infinite force of being.

In this moment - this dragon-state is inviting you to up your game. You wouldn’t have manifested this if it wasn’t true. Coming here and reading this is an answer to a prayer. (I would love to know what your prayer was - share in the comments if you feel so bold.)

But going here takes radical honesty with yourself, commitment to being this sure, and courage that flies in the face of who you’ve been (and what you’ve believed) up until now. This is a state that will transform your entire life if you’re serious about it and in a very short time, you’ll move into freedoms you can’t presently fathom.

One last imagining for you - imagine this beast playing small. Just for fun. Imagine him playing with worry, limiting thoughts, and doubts. Would that game make him any less magnificent? Any less powerfully gargantuan? Of course not. And, once again, this is YOU.

No matter how small and insignificant you play - you can’t be less YOU. The you that is the only Being in your reality whose presence is perpetual (See previous blog). The YOU that is NATURALLY positive, confident, sure, and enormous. See, all these states of being you are trying to hard to maintain are already built into the state of powerful. They are just who you are as YOU.

To play here even more - sign up for my email list on my website and you will receive a free guided meditation that takes you deeply into this wondrously expanded state of your enormity.


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