Kristen Clark




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  Teacher of Teachers, Thought Leader, Speaker, Mentor, Author,
 Dream Life Celebrator.

"The purpose of any coach, teacher, or mentor is not to see that you are incomplete or broken with the need to be fixed - but to see the absolute bad-ass, wondrous, and epic masterpiece that you ALREADY are. And then to hold that vision until you do too." ~ Kristen MF Clark


Mentorships, Video Courses, loads of free stuff, and so much more.

Interacting with Kristen is to say, "Yes!" to Life's invitations to go bigger, brighter,

and better than you have ever dared to go before.

Kristen’s books.

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Kristen's coaching and events are so much fun and will immediately show you EXACTLY what is holding you back and give you the tools for REAL tangible changes. She will thrust you into seeing the UNLIMITED and hugely powerful being within yourself - and will then show you the path it takes to step into that power. Kristen is the absolute epitome and shining example of what she teaches. Powerful, confident, extraordinary and outstanding. Not only does she believe in you, she holds that space until you do to!" 

~ David S. CEO & Multi-Millionaire

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"Live Is Where I Thrive."

Dream Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and published Author, Kristen Clark's greatest joy is interacting with people in one-on-one or group live settings. Kristen is always available for podcasts, interviews, and public speaking events.

"My coaching time with Kristen was so powerful and amazing. Even though we were online, I knew immediately she truly understood ME. What made Kristen stand out from all the hundreds of others I have worked with is she didn't spout some medical science studies or talk about the people she's helped. She really listened to me and for the first time, I finally felt like someone finally heard me. By the time our first session was done - I felt fantastic physically, mentally and emotionally! If you are thinking about having a session with Kristen - don't hesitate!  Give yourself the best gift (yes, you are SO worth it) ever."

~ Christine R.