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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Leap Frog Video Course
Inner Conversations
Kristen Clark

Inner Conversations

"The most transformational tool you can have in your arsenal is purposeful Inner Conversations." ~ Kristen If you could only choose one of Kristen's video courses - this would be it. When you become the author, editor, CEO, and director of your Inner Conversations, your entire world changes with such speed and precision that, often, you are left standing in the delightful dust of wonderment and awe. Included in this course: ~ Instructions on how to turn off the autopilot switch on your limiting thoughts and how to move confidently into the driver seat of what can be one hell of an amazing ride. ~ step by step directions for discovering and shifting your Subconscious Prejudices. ~ An enormous shift into unstoppable Wealth & Abundance. ~ Becoming one with the “filthy rich” aspect of yourself. ~ Mantras Kristen uses every day, all day, to very quickly manifest the life of and your dreams. ~ Uncover what is your unique technique for ramping up and perfecting your A-game (Alignment). ~ Revision techniques for astounding results. ~ Rocket fuel for your passions. ~ So much more! Every one of Kristen’s video courses is naturally infused with Supernova energy for immediate transformations, increased life-force drive, and an overall uplifting shift of your world. Please drink plenty of water during and after viewing this course. **Please note, this course is non-refundable and does not guarantee results; nor is it a replacement for professional advice.
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