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When it comes to creating your reality, or manifesting, there are natural talents that are unique to you that very well may be where your magics are easiest to access.

These talents can greatly enhance your communication and interaction with your specific reality. But more than that - the “secret” to accessing your Creator abilities lies within this innate gift - and perhaps that is why, when you try to adopt another’s manifesting techniques, it feels more like a chore and your results are lacking.

For me, my natural superpower is my happy smile and my storytelling. If I have a natural default, and exceptional talent - these would far and away be them and always have been for as long as I can remember.

What is your superpower unique to you? You will know this power because it flows with ease, you do it naturally, and often fall into it when you aren’t watch-dogging your behavior. It also tends to be the way you communicate best.

Some, but definitely not all, natural talents can be:

Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of others is invaluable in communication. Empathetic individuals can connect deeply with others, fostering trust and understanding.

Active Listening: Not just hearing, but actively listening and processing what others say. This skill involves giving full attention to the speaker, understanding their perspective, and responding appropriately.

Nonverbal Communication: Body language, facial expressions, and gestures can often convey more than words alone. Those who are adept at reading and utilizing nonverbal cues can enhance their communication and better understand others.

Persuasion: Some people have a natural knack for convincing others and influencing their opinions or behaviors. Whether it's through compelling arguments, charisma, or rapport-building, persuasive individuals can effectively communicate their ideas.

Adaptability: Being flexible and adaptable in various social situations is crucial for effective communication. Adaptable individuals can adjust their communication style, tone, and approach based on the context and the people involved.

Clarity: The ability to convey ideas clearly and concisely is essential for effective communication. Those who excel in clarity can articulate complex concepts in simple terms, making it easier for others to understand.

Curiosity: Curious individuals are naturally inclined to ask questions, seek understanding, and explore new ideas. This trait fuels learning and facilitates meaningful conversations by showing genuine interest in others' perspectives.

Conflict Resolution: Some people have a natural talent for resolving conflicts and mediating disagreements. They can navigate tense situations diplomatically, find common ground, and facilitate constructive dialogue.

Storytelling: As you mentioned, storytelling is a powerful way to communicate ideas, emotions, and experiences. Those with a knack for storytelling can captivate audiences, evoke empathy, and convey complex messages in a compelling manner.

Sense of Humor: Humor can break tension, build rapport, and make communication more enjoyable. People with a good sense of humor can use wit and levity to connect with others and navigate social interactions smoothly.

When we are embodying that inherent aspect of ourselves - people will stop and focus in because, on a deeper level, they understand they are in the presence of true magic and a Creator at work. This is why we remember those people so easily when we think of that particular knack. It is also when the Youniverse hears you, and your commands, the most clearly.

Children effortlessly embody their knee-jerk personality trait. So, if you’re not sure about yours, look back at old pictures of yourself or think about what people say about you. People who know you, and even strangers, will comment on this aspect of you as you go about your day.

So, what is yours? Comment below. It is what you are most proud of and find the easiest to do. And now, how can you use this talent to hone your Creating ability when it comes to your dreams and desires?


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