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YOU, The Superstar Of This Reality

Money comes and goes.

People come and go.

Brilliant epiphanies come and go.

Lovey feelings come and go.

Relationships come and go.

Businesses come and go.

Gods, ultimate powers, divinity, and omniscience all come and go.

There is absolutely nothing outside of you that isn’t temporary and impermanent.


All these spiritual and lofty “answers to the universe.” convince you that you’ve found “IT”. They are so exciting and big - until they aren’t anymore. Then they go, too.

To try to make anything permanent (love, people, money, law of the universe, etc.) is a useless lesson in frustration, fear, and ALWAYS futility.

But YOU are permanent. You are the ONLY part of this reality that is effortlessly constant and reliably perpetual. Now that’s big and exciting. What’s really exciting is realizing you have no memory of not existing.

Go ahead, try and find one. And while you’re trying, and thinking you’re finding something (eg: previous incarnation), ask yourself who is the one doing the finding and telling the story?

You. Still you.

Perhaps this is where our focus should lie. Perhaps this is the answer, literally staring us in the face, of what we’ve been searching for.

Close your eyes (and your ears if possible) and notice how everything immediately winks out of existence. (Isolation tanks are excellent for this deeply moving experience.)

Open your eyes and, without the slightest glitch, glimmer, or effort - notice how everything you expect is poofed back into this moment.

Look at everything that swirls around this one permanent thing.

Look at how everything vies for the attention of this perpetual being.

YOU are the superstar of this reality.

YOU are what is highly sought after.

Your attentions are the lottery-win.

Your regard is the fount of creation as nothing exists without YOUR consideration and attention.

What if it’s YOU that everything is trying to manifest?

Yup, bad-ass - you did it again. High five!


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