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You, At Your Best.

There is a version of you that has no fear of any part of this existence. I call it “YOU, at your best”.

Who is this version of you? How do they think or interact with this world differently than you do? Are they handing their power away to some invisible supernatural guidance or are they standing strong in their faith in what is tangible - namely themselves?

Honesty time:

What has chasing constant comfort gotten you lately? Truly? Are you a millionaire, yet? Thin and strong? In love? Successful in your career of choice? Or is there a possibility that you’ve chewed the gum of “positivity” and mysticism to the point of no flavor left and it’s time to spit that gum into the garbage?

Growth is a natural part of existence - but to grow you have to be willing to outgrow. And to outgrow something you cling to as an identity can be one extremely tough process. But, sooner or later, you WILL outgrow and then you will see it was not an identity but yet another state of mind (you’ve cloaked yourself with hundreds of them) that is giving way to a new level of empowerment and strength.

The state of mind that found enormous value within the positive, joyful, easy, and loving guidance from the invisible served you wonderfully to this point. However, there is an untapped well of magics within the tough, difficult, and uncomfortable that is now inviting you to move up to an even bigger and more omniscient state of being.

Who is the “you at your best”? Well, if you’re reading this, then it someone who no longer needs hoops, hacks, or the invisible to know their innate wisdom, power, and strength. You’re ready to step into the instinctual understandings and knowings you used to seek from gods and the supernatural. (It originally all came from you anyway.)

There’s nothing you need to do to usher in this growth. Just like when you were a growing child - it all happens naturally and at its own pace. Just be willing to trust and get a bit excited. After all , this is all coming from you. YOU, at your best.


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