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YOU and Your States

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

So, let’s play.

Consider what is said here - that you “began” envisioning a place like this planet. I put the word began in quotes because to truly play on this level it helps to remove time/space.

There is no “began” because you are doing this in every nano-moment. You were never a non-physical being somewhere else, at some other time, envisioning this planet (like you envision $$ in your bank).

You simply ARE that, so called, non-physical being forever envisioning this place and that place in an illusional space called time.

But like all moments you are existing - it is all just an infinitely revised states of being.

But you are doing this constantly.

Revising a new state to take the place of the previous one.

Each new experience is simply you in creator mode - creating newer and newer - best and now better!

Each “memory” is simply yet another state to support whatever current state you are interacting with. But you never really lived that memory because there was never any other moment other than right now, from that non-physical place of creating, generating, dreaming and playing.

And consider that what I am saying right here - is yet another state just created by this wondrous being called YOU.

Don’t take all this too seriously - just allow yourself to play with your infinite-ness.

And after this state goes and the next one moves in (only to go, as well) - YOU remain.

❤ Kristen

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