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Wow, What a Ride!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

In ALL moments of this life we get to bring in this energy. The energy of, “Wow, what a ride!”

Take a moment to stop and feel that exhilaration, that joy, that awe.

Let it wash over you, infuse your cells, and stretch the corners of your mouth towards the heavens.

Lift your arms high, no, higher!

Let appreciation and silliness twirl you around.

This life is YOURS.

You are the undeniable magnet that everything in your life has rushed to.

Every sunrise, every shooting star, every cloud shaped just so to make you look twice, every laughing baby, every soaring eagle, every smiling stranger, every perfectly timed moment or interaction, every loving, full-body hug, every silly squirrel that makes you grin, every found dollar on the ground, every toe-curling kiss, and more, and greater, and better, and further, and bigger!

You baby, YOU!

You are the center of this universe. (Hello, there is a reason it is called, “Youniverse”)

All existence erupts from You.

All existence knows existence because of you baby, YOU!

So, dive on in, climb out, and this time cannonball in!

Let eager anticipation of what fantastic thing is rushing your way next encompass every cell.

Skip on down the path laid out knowing no part of this existence can go wrong.

You are loved, you are adored, you are celebrated.

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