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There Are No “Hell, Maybes.”

Life Rule #2 - If it’s not a, “Hell, Yes!” then it’s a, “Hell, No.”

There is no, “Hell, Maybes.”

When it comes to life and its infinite array of decisions that constantly come your way - one of the easiest rules to remember is that it’s always either a, “Hell, yes!” or “Hell, No!”

There is no such thing as a, “Hell, maybe.”

This is a true gut instinct. Your gut doesn’t deal in “maybe’s”.

It’s either “run!” or “it’s all good.”

It’s either the sun is up or the sun is down.

It’s either the light is on or the light is off.

It’s either you’re awake or you’re asleep.

Life doesn’t do in betweens.

And the more adept you get at recognizing the energy of yes or no - the smoother your life, important decisions, and relationships are going to flow.

Relationships, in their many forms, and the decisions that tag along, are there to help you, one way or another, along your path. Always. Whether it’s an answer to a prayer or there to help steer you along your journey - they are all there because you have a desire and that desire is coming to you (yes, it is) - and this relationship is there to help guide you or give you valuable tools on your way.

Relationships range anywhere from your neighbor, to your partner, to your doctor, to your employees, to your boss, to a family member, to your dog, etc.

Relationships can also be with a job, a gym, clothing, a morning routine, and on and on.

A relationship is anything you have developed a connection with.

And relationships can be for a reason, a season, or for life. And a, “Hell, yes!” can turn into “Hell, No!” once the reason for the relationship is done. And what stops you from seeing the expiration point is your insistence that a, “Hell, no!” is a, “Hell, maybe.”

Some of the tell-tale signs that your head is in the sand is anger, fears, rationalizing, frustration, caged-feeling, difficulty finding your peace, difficulty making decisions, no clear path on how to “fix” the relationship, etc. These are all some of the many ways you can tell. But remember, there is no relationship that didn’t come your way for a helpful reason. They are ALL a tool for you - one way or another.

I was reminded, yet again, recently of this very rule. I currently hired an independent contractor to help me with my growing business. After chatting with this person and hearing how well they knew their stuff - my entire being was vibrating within a, “Hell, Yes!”

I hired her immediately and paid her fee. But one week into our relationship, I started feeling an emotion I hadn’t interacted with in decades. The feeling of, “What is going on?” and “Where is what I am invested in?”

I reached out to this young lady and I got lots of verbal placating, but no true evidence of the work I was looking for.

I have been in two very serious romantic relationships - and both taught me the “Hell yes, Hell no” lesson very well. But, as I said before - it’s been decades, so my radar was a bit rusty, I guess.

However, by one and a half weeks in - the red flags started waving very obviously as I started getting irritated and I found myself making excuses for this person. This was an old state of being that I had no intention of ever embodying again. But here it was. Loud and glaring.

Buuuuuut - I was using the excuse that I am new to being a business owner, and this person had been a, “Hell, Yes”!

I was forgetting everything I knew.

And so, come 12 days in and still no delivered results, I blew my stack. This stack was rusty, too! It hadn’t seen action in decades! After the venting was done - I was bummed with myself and perplexed.

What the hell was going on? This isn’t me.

So, I reached out to my subconscious (my personal assistant extraordinaire) and gave her the task of finding some clarity. And, within minutes a deep reminder arose of, “if it isn’t a ‘Hell, yes!’ then it’s a ‘Hell, No!’” whacked me upside the head. I immediately saw the absolute duplicate situation, emotions, and my rationalizing with old “Hell, no’s.” Other than it being a different type of relationship - it was a complete twin of my old state of being. I thought I buried that bitch!

Wow. I was blown away - and grateful for this lesson (and person). Other than a deep compounding of what I call Rule #2 (I’m sure it will serve me enormously sometime in the future) - I wasn’t completely sure of why this came my way. But the wonderful freeing feeling of remembering and applying Rule #2 was gargantuan. It had been 12 days and only 7 of those were a true “Hell, no” energy. But, between the weight of indecision and irritation - it felt like a year! So, when I decided to unload this “Hell, No”, the feeling of relief was colossal. (Another huge “duh!”)

So, I hope this helps someone who is arguing with their gut instinct.

No, you are not being unreasonable or paranoid. Read that line again.

Your body (especially the solar plexus) picks up energy signatures that your consciousness may have missed. If something deep inside you says, “I’m not okay with this.” about a person or situation then trust it and walk the f*ck away, babe.

You don’t owe anyone anything. But you do owe every-mf-thing to yourself.

No beef, just distance, silence, and self-respect. Read that line over again too.


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