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You are not who you were just 3 years ago. Think about it. Your beliefs, your ideas, and even your feelings about people and things are different. And that means the people in your life are different than who they were 3 years ago, too.


You, my friend, are a survivor. You have lived through countless trials, adversities, hardships, traumas, and personal wars, and each time you ALWAYS made it through to the other side, didn't you? You never die, but these difficulties always leave scars. And these scars are why you are now the bad-ass warrior who stands taller, stronger, wiser, and far more capable than ever before.


Take a moment to find pride in who you are and what you've endured and lived through. See and feel that warrior that has emerged through the fire.


And now take a moment to find pride in knowing that the people in your life - especially those that you may be struggling with - have lived through extreme difficulties, too. And they too, have emerged out the other side. Forever changed. Never to be the same person who you, perhaps, butted heads with in the past. You're not the same and neither are they.


These trials change us. Who we were - we can never be again.

Thank God!


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Doug Wheeler
Doug Wheeler

You know your absolutely usual.. I never thought of this because im so involved with the daily pursuit of happiness and joy. Basically just existing...When you point it out it brings light to something that actually makes so much sense that its almost a well ya!! I sat back and honestly realized that so much has changed this past 3 years its remarkable yet im living my life as nothing has.. Time to refocus and get on with it all and remove the clutter!!! Thank you my friend for once again bringing some awareness to my small space.. Damn your good!!! LOL Miss ya me...❤️

Kristen Clark
Kristen Clark

Awwww - thank you for this. I loved all you said here. Hugs!

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