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Take a moment to move into the awe and appreciation the included image invokes. Isn't it beautiful? As a photographer beauty is my greatest "distraction". I can be in the middle of a deep conversation with someone and some beautiful thing will immediately have my laser-focused attention. But beauty and it's calm, serene feeling can be found in so many things.

Think of your greatest desire - health, wealth, love - and see how that desire is so beautiful. Truly take a moment to settle into the beauty of "wow".

And now think of a favorite smell - pine trees, a certain flower, etc., and isn't that beautiful, too? See the beauty in that smell.

And now think of a wonderful feeling - giggles, awe, enormous gratitude, etc. - and aren't those feelings also beautiful. Can you feel how beauty encourages an automatic relaxing and halting of all stresses?

And now imagine yourself gazing with rapt attention at the most stunning sunrise you have ever seen. Every color is present - including some that don't even have a name. This is Mother Nature's brief masterpiece and you just happen to witness it at the perfect time. True wondrous beauty just for you. Now, while gazing at this extraordinary event - would you say this beauty feels like abundance or lack? Does it feel like ease or effort?

Does it feel like adoration or rejection.

Does it feel like allowance or denial?

Take a moment to really imagine the scene and examine the feelings. Feel what is synonymous with Beautiful.

Now make a quick mental note of all the things you can think of that are "beautiful". A large inheritance of money. A healthy, strong body. Enormous success. Ease. Swimming in the most light blue ocean. Now you add some. And as you think of more and more things, see how each one is beautiful.

When you allow beauty to saturate your very being you become a magnet to more and more wonderful things. When it comes to Law of Attraction this is the key. This is the encouraged "action" within attrACTION.

Find. The. Beauty.

Is there beauty within, "I don't have this and I need to manifest it."?

Is there beauty within imagining yourself living that dream life right now?

Can you feel the difference?

Saturate yourself in beautiful imaginings and physical beauty daily. Find the beauty in conversations and comments. Avoid the ones that aren't. Go out of your way to always find the beauty and watch your world become so easy - and a jaw-dropping masterpiece.


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