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The Freedom Within You (Pt. 2)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

“There is an amazing aspect of you that is always there, and HAS always been there, that doesn’t need anything to be different than it is - to BE the wondrous being it NATURALLY, already is.

It didn’t need to “learn” Law of Attraction because YOU created Law of Attraction.

It didn’t need to “learn” the teachings of Jesus because YOU wrote the teachings of Jesus.

It doesn’t need to learn or remember anything - as every single one of those things sprang from YOUR imagination.

It is You. It has always been YOU. ~ KMFC

Under all the experiences, under all the epiphanies, under all the endless note-taking and seeking is You. When you clear away everything you have accumulated in this life, when you clear away all the experiences that you think make up the sum of who you are in this moment, you will find You.

There is a permanence within You that you won’t find within anything else. I find that my childhood belief in the Soul and what I now understand as You, are very similar. The difference is that the Soul was separate from me, removed from me, not something I could see, feel or truly grasp, – and You, of course, is available for all those things. You welcome your interactions, your questions, and desires to know You better. You had to be taught by someone outside of you that there was such a thing as a God, a Soul, etc. And, hence, these things are beliefs – and as with any belief, they can come, go, and change form.

But no one had to teach you about You.

From the moment you were born – you were aware of yourself. You fell asleep with You, and You was the first thing there when you woke up. When you cried, You were the first one to respond. If you were fortunate enough not to have other humans around responding to your every emotion and whim – then you got the opportunity to know You on a very intimate level.

One of the best parts of my childhood (being the youngest of six) was all the copious amounts of alone time. Being unattended and unaccompanied is a ripe playground for getting intimate with You. In fact, I feel, it is essential.

You is simply a part of you that has been “buried” underneath the surface games of worries, fears, joys, hierarchies, seekings, learnings, and every other happening that you give your attention to in this adventure called your life. I use quotes around the word buried because You can never really be covered or hidden in any way. You is right there having every encounter, occurrence, and ordeal with you. Even the odd event of there being a You and you – You will play there until you choose to step into these shoes of who you really are. Perhaps it will happen while you still play in this reality – or perhaps you will wait until you experience the next expectation called death. Regardless, You is you and so there is no true separation, no matter how much you play at detachment.

Love your You’s biggest fan,


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