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The Freedom Within YOU (Pt.1)

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Most people fret about losing this state or that state. They get caught up in what’s not present anymore. That which comes and goes is not real; quit chasing it. It doesn’t matter. What haven’t you lost? What always is? What is there within bliss and misery that is always the same? Who you are is always present and always the same. That which doesn’t come and go is real. That is where freedom is found.

It doesn’t matter how profound a vision is or how wonderful the kriyas, the kundalini, or the bliss. No matter how beautiful the spiritual experience is, it is only an experience – and experiences come and go. If it doesn’t come and go, that means that it is present NOW. Ask yourself “what was present then that is still present now?” Then you know where to put all of your attention, all of your dedication and all of your heart. YOU are that permanence which contains all becoming and be-goings.” ~Adyashanti

Life is chock-full of things that come and go. In fact, the very essence of life is about the comings and goings of all conditions around you. Seasons, weather, people, age, appearances, emotions, beliefs, and on and on. I challenge you to try to find anything in your life that doesn’t have the propensity to come and go.

Now, I know you are feeling around, trying to touch deeper into this part of you (the You Adyashanti was talking about above). And are you noticing that when you do that, it goes away? That is because You doesn’t play at, “I don’t quite understand this.” It’s like needing to touch your eyebrow to ensure it’s there. Have you ever thought about the fact that you can’t see your own eyebrow? (Mirrors and pictures excluded) However, you don’t doubt its existence. It feels preposterous to even go there. Exactly. To play at the game of “I need to know this part of me deeper.” is just as absurd. All you need to do is allow this part of you to be ever-present. You is the source of the love you are seeking, and the answer to the attention you are craving.

In a world where we are forever seeking something, be it more joy, more wisdom, more confidence, more understanding, more more – wouldn’t you just love to find the answers easily? Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that the answers to every possible desire and question you ever have is as easy as simply touching in with You?

To be one with You, is to value You’s answers. To value You’s presence.

(Continued tomorrow)

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