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The Death Of Struggle

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

“Perhaps death is simply the end of a struggle…”

excerpt from 3, 2, 1 No More Pain, by Kristen Clark

Are you afraid of death? And what is death?

For me, death is no more than the ending of a movement, thought, feeling, experience, etc. And we die countless times in this life, in which we are completely unaware.

When you walk from the kitchen to the bathroom - that is a death of the person you were in the kitchen and all you were doing in there. You will never be, or see, that particular person, performing those particular tasks, ever again. You might be, and do, something very similar in a future point in time - but it will never be exactly like that, ever again.

And as you walk from the kitchen to the bathroom - you don’t grieve that kitchen version of you, you don’t look back longingly, afraid to move forward into the bathroom. You just go about your business - moving from one space, or mode of being, to another seamlessly without a second thought of the state of being you just left behind, never to be seen again.

Perhaps the angst, sadness, and pain we associate with death is, instead, the results of the act of struggling against what is our natural behavior. The one we were born with, before we were taught that death is this big bad event that causes horrible feelings.

Consider what it is to struggle. To struggle is to resist, to be in conflict with something you don’t want, or agree with. Feel into that constriction, tension and tightness. And now consider the very absence of struggle in the walk from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Feel into the simplicity, the flow, and the very ease of that simple action.

What if death can be like that?

What if death is like that?

Seamless, flawless and harmonious with the universe.

Which feels more enticing? Which feels more natural?

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