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Thank you, Choice.

Having the choice to approach a memory, belief, or current news with your own spin is such a blessing.

Is this an issue?

Is it “bad”?

Is it worrisome?

Is it strength-building?

Is it a blessing?

Every approach to anything and any experience creates its own manifestations (memories, feelings, beliefs, etc.). Read that again.

This is why when you try to “forgive” or “let go” of something you are calling “bad” - it only seems to persist. You are literally manifesting victimization because you are viewing this situation from blame, either of yourself or another, and woe.

My invitation is to, instead, decide and claim that EVERY experience is divinely designed to cultivate strength, wisdom, courage, and surety within you - and to have gratitude for the bad-ass-ness you have developed from this profound experience. There is so much relief in this practice. It allows you to let go of trying to safeguard your future, it gives you an automatic boost of fortitude, and it helps you to stop worrying about taking your “spiritual temperature” in order to only manifest certain preferred things.

Your existence is ever-expanding exponentially because you are NATURALLY one serious bad-ass. No enhancement needed.


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