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Rock On!

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Ever have a day like this:

Got out of bed and immediately stepped in a cold mound of cat hairball-puke, then spilled coffee on your last clean work shirt, arrived late to work because of said cat and coffee mishaps, and now your are convinced the rest of your day is going to follow suit. You might as well just crawl back into bed.

Aw, but honey, this kind of morning is just the right type of opportunities for you to show off to yourself!

See, the only thing that any lousy circumstance is doing is:

1. Letting you know you‘re thinking a bit small, and,

2. Asking you if you are ready, yet, to start blowing yourself away with fun and magic?

Think of your radio dial. As you move through the stations - you will come across music that is, "nope, nope, nope" and then, "yes!"

It truly is as simple as that!

After you find the song that you like - you don't sit there racking your brains trying to figure out where all those other radio stations came from.

You aren't concerned with, "What did I do to attract all those other stations?!"

You are in complete TRUST of yourself that you KNOW what songs resonate, and which ones don't.

You aren't sitting there worrying that perhaps you should force yourself to listen to a song you don't like in the hopes that it will magically make your life perfect.

Peeps, life is no different. The only reason your life is a struggle is because you are making WAY too big a deal over all the radio stations you passed (past) that you didn't like. When you could just be enjoying the tunes that are playing right NOW and make your life a song.

Going to have a bad day, my ass!

Watch me work my magic!

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