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We’ve been told for decades, “Don’t look at the man behind the curtain.” I’m speaking of all the teachings that point us toward the positive over the negative, the comfortable over the uncomfortable, high vibrations over low, following your joy, and embrace floating downstream.

But who is the version of us that rebels against the teachings that safety is only within feeling good, that fearlessly pushes upstream, and defiantly skips on down the path of most resistance?

We’ve had it drilled into us that those paths only yield suffering, sadness, dis-ease, and Karens. But I am here to tell you that is one hundred percent NOT true. It has been a clever game and a ruse we’ve bought into and believed.

But if you’re courageous, rebellious, and trust in yourself enough to see what is on the other side of so-called negative experiences - I promise, you will find a sparkling treasure chest full of mind-blowing greatness, self-empowerment, magics, self-respect, and creation miracles that aren’t available in the “high” part of the emotional scale.

Welcome to the POWERHOUSE version of you.

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