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Operant Power Or A Slave To The Techniques?

I recently had someone ask me, "What is the best way to fix past intrusive negative assumptions?"

My answer, "You can revise that there never was any past negative thoughts, that you’ve always vibrated joyfully & positively. Or, you can (my fav) simply leap-frog over all that happy horseshit and decide you are not, and never have been, available for that reality. Either you are the Operant Power or you are a slave to the techniques (comes with the “fixing”.)

You are so wondrous - that you always create (manifest) exactly what you are focusing on. If you are playing in the sandbox of "past negative assumptions, actions, thoughts, etc." you will instantly manifest memories and surrounding evidences to support that claim. The evidence comes in a variety of forms but it always comes. Immediately.

CONGRATULATIONS on being the Operant Power‼️💖🥳

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