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Only A Real Risk Can Test The Reality Of A Belief.

“Everything is always working out for me.”

We all know this saying - and many of us say it faithfully, but do we truly understand it?

If someone lives in anger, depression, or frustration - is everything still working out for those people?

Can they say, “Everything is always working out for me!” in the most pissed off vibe they’ve ever felt and still experience everything working out for them with tons of magic and miracles?

Of course!

When you understand that no emotion is more important than another - that, no matter the form, in its most basic component, everything is energy, and energy is just energy, then you find an extraordinary level of freedom that has been there all along.

While unforeseen or unwanted events may occur in our lives that we may not understand in the moment - when you doubt your faith, it is easy to lay blame wherever it is easiest for it to fall. (I’m not vibrating perfectly enough, I’m not being good enough, I’ve done something to incur the wrath of the universe.)

But if you step wholeheartedly with absolute belief in “Everything is always working out for me” then that event is actually there to serve you for your highest and greatest good one way or another. Always.

Maybe you got a a flat tire to avoid a horrible accident.

You got Covid to build a stronger immune system against something worse.

You experienced complete destitution in order to move into a more powerful tenacity in your faith.

Do you believe that Source, The Universe, God, your Higher Self, Infinite Intelligence (or whatever name you choose) is capable of making mistakes? If not, and YOU are made by this mighty power in its image, or are an extension of this power - then you are incapable of making mistakes.

To the misinformed believer - you will never be, vibrate, or think perfectly enough. There will always be some hoop you need to jump through in order to measure up to that unattainable ceiling of perfection. There will always be some missing step or puzzle piece.

But when you understand that you are whole, complete, solid, and the highest level of omniscience you’ve ever been up til now - then you will see that everything has always been working out for you all along, and it could be no other way. And within that is the answer to “Why?”

Everything is always working out and for me.

All the time.

Every time.

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1 Comment

Absolutely love this. Getting into the feeling of everything working out beautifully is like absolute freedom .

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