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Not Available For Disappointment

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Last night the weather prediction was for snow. As always, I get like a little kid - eager and excited to wake up this morning to see the sudden transformation of the landscape.

When I got up this am - I peaked out my bedroom window to see everything wet, but no white. Because I’m not available for disappointment, I revised that I was seeing a pure white winter wonderland outside my window. The kind that takes your breath away.

I then happily walked down to the kitchen to make the ever-essential coffee and was delight to now see an actual inch or more of snow covering everything outside the kitchen window.

Of course!

My point of this story is I never, ever, EVER, take my cues from circumstances. I am the operant power here, for criminy sakes. I say what is and the universe, who knows who the Queen is, says, “Okay, sorry, my bad, let me fix that.”

If I say I make $200,000/month - then I ALWAYS make $200,000/month. I

don’t need to count, look for, or check.

It just is!

💋Kristen MF Clark

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