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I woke up this morning to a (voice message) pissed-off, stomping around, shaking-her-fist-at-the-universe, fire-breathing rampage from my beautiful friend who lives in India.

And I absolutely LOVED it.

What a delight!

What a fantastic burst of Supernova creative energy I got to witness. Something amazing was birthed in that fire and I can’t wait to see it grow-up.

My love, you are a God. Wait, scratch that. You are far bigger than a God. Because the idea of “a God” came out of you. So, what’s bigger than that?


Mother Fucking, YOU!

There comes a moment (or many) where we just get so OVER the ho-hum repeats, the tedious, the “only positive thinking” fears and doubts (playing small), and the dragon in you takes over in a burst of demanding fire and molten lava - burning anything that gets in the way. The gentle “positive thinking” technique just isn’t doing it anymore.

The problem with “only positive thinking” is that it tries to cage YOU.

And dragons don’t do well in cages. Sooner or later, that dragon has had enough of the confines of smaller thinking and it’s only natural that a spectacular eruption is needed to blast through the confines.

We’re talking birth here, people. Some births are easier, but all come with some level of screaming, yelling, pain, and, the most memorable ones, with a firestorm that wipes out the entire room.

(Can you imagine being in a room with a woman who is going through a difficult birth, has had ENOUGH, and even considering saying, “Now radiate positive energy, breathe in peace, exhale joy, and let’s elevate your vibration and follow your bliss.” Ha! You would be a smoldering pile of ash.)

Regardless, new life, wondrous new life, eventually arrives. And with that new life, comes a whole new YOU.

But be prepared. New life isn’t easy. It’s demanding, insistent, and there is no time for mourning the old you (you’re not the baby anymore).

This new life (bigger thinking) doesn’t only play in the feel good arena, it is going to need you to step up your game, pull your big-girl/boy panties on, suck it up when the uncomfortable arises, and nurture what you manifested.

It’s a good thing babies are so cute.


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