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What is your Dragon? Your Dragon is a state of mind, a state of being, that some call the Flow.

Bottom line - it is doing that thing you LOOOOVE. It is your biggest passion.

It is that thing that can stop you in your tracks, pulls you out of a deep dark funk with ease, snaps you to attention, narrows in your focus to a razor point, elicits a colossal level of excitement, and evokes your highest level of adoration. All with absolute ease.

It is what makes you unique, it is what separates you from the others, it is what you do best without even trying, and it is what haunts you when you try to go along with the sheep or focus elsewhere.

When you try to weigh your dragon down with what their need for it to be is, then that is when the Flow stops. That is when fear, confusion, doubt, and worry step in to weigh everything down.

When you participate in doing this "thing" solely for the pure joy of it, the absolute love of it, then it will never fail you.

Focus on the love, focus on the joy, and watch your Dragon fly!

Welcome to the Year of the Dragon.

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