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Imagine a fork in the forest you are walking in - one path is light, well worn, airy, and inviting. It even has a sign saying, “This is the Perfect Path. Follow it to everything you want. All your heroes have gone that way.” And then the path on the other side is barely a path. It’s dark, scary 🫣, foreboding and has a sign that says, “The Wrong Path. Don’t go that way. This is the path to suffering and failure.”

What do you do? Especially if you’ve been taking those Perfect Paths all along and have yet to find the level of satisfaction they keep promising. Oh, they’re more popular and definitely fun - and each one leads to yet another light and airy path with even more loving promises that if you stay on this path you won’t ever see the dark and suffering paths ever again.

But you do. You see them everywhere. You even find them crisscrossing the Perfect Path sometimes.

Did you do something wrong? Did you maybe get off the Perfect Path?

Did you somehow not follow the right sign - when you would swear you did?

Or maybe - it’s just time to say, “Fuck this shit.”, strap on your combat boots (the fashionable ones), zip up your leather jacket, adjust your crown, kick all those mf-ing signs down, and go skipping on down the road singing “Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood.


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