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Is “Hopeless” The Doorway To Ultimate Freedom?

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Hope is saying “It’s not here yet.” And who wants to play there?

Who wants to play in, “You’re going to be rich, just keep hoping, and it might come someday. You’re going to have the job of your dreams, but it will probably take years of doubt and worry, but with a bit of hope, it will eventually come, or not.”

Hope is maybe, hope is an assumption, hope is longing, hope is begging, hope is waiting, hope is hesitancy,

hope is its-not-here-yet-but-if-you-jump-through-enough-hoops-and-stand-on-your-head-long-enough-it-just-might-come.

Hope is the ultimate dangling carrot.

So, does that mean to remove hope would be to remove all that unpleasantness?

Hmmm, to remove hope is to now be hopeless.

And doesn’t that feel odd and wrong?

But why?

What if "hopeless" is the doorway to ultimate freedom?

What is hopeless?

Thoughts of sad people and words like “bleak” come to mind – but that was simply taught to us, and perpetuated from one perspective, that was embraced as the final truth.

But let's open our minds a bit, and look at “hopeless” from a different view.

Think about it – If I am hopeless, which means I’ve removed all hope – what is left over?

“I hope I’ll get that car” becomes, “I got that car.”

“I hope I’ll ace that test” becomes, “I aced that test.”

“I hope I’ll win the lottery” becomes, “I won the lottery!”

Remove hope and you remove doubt, waiting, maybe, uncertainty and conjecture.

Remove hope – and you are now fucking free, baby!

To remove hope is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

Your world becomes sure, your world becomes definitive, your world becomes indisputable.

But are we ready for this level of confidence and certainty?

I sure hope so. 😜

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