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Happy May!

The theme of Spring (for me) is cleaning out and “re”new. New life, new beauty, and a renewed sense of surety. It also invites me to simplifying and focus down. Where in my life am I over-complicating and making things too heavy?

If you take every physical thing around you and take it down to its smallest component - you have energy. And energy is just energy. There is no such thing as heavy energy, or carbohydrate energy, or bacteria energy, or air energy, or money energy, or table energy, or sad energy, or happy energy. Energy is just energy. Think of it as light. The light from the sun doesn’t shine differently on a cloud than it does on a billionaire.

One is never more important than another. This understanding is very important. For the things you are holding up in importance (money, love, health, people, etc) over others no longer serves you and by manifesting this blog and following the impulse to read it - you are being invited to clean out and disentangle.

And, take a deep breath and hold onto your hats for these clarifications of importances:

Light doesn’t shine differently on a saint versus a murderer.

Light shines equally on love and hate.

Light doesn’t play with positive rays or negative rays. It just illuminates all things equally.

The sun rises the same for a cancer patient as it does for an athlete.

The only evidence of a thing called hierarchy comes from you. And no one has ever said you have to play there.

Everything is ENERGY. Just energy. And you mold that energy.

So, when you wake up and tell yourself a “tall” tale of nothing but exciting successes that happened today (whether circumstances support that or not) - that is energy talking and taking its guidance from you.

Is this just a wish or a hope? Who cares?

Titles and how the energy swirls can only come from you and you get to change your mind as easily as breathing.

So, my invitation for this month (or just this next minute) is to find where you are holding onto processes, thoughts, beliefs, people, anything, from a space of fear or worry - and shift it.

1. Lean into it with, “I created you.”

2. Remember this is all just energy.

3. Give this employee a new position to play.

4. Take a wonderful breath.

5. Walk forward giving it no more thought. NO. MORE. THOUGHT.

Trust in you and simplicity. Choose easier, “lighter”, and more fun and the energy will stumble over itself to come together and create - just for you.


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