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“We’ve been told for decades, “Don’t look at the man behind the curtain.” I’m speaking of all the teachings that point us toward the positive over the negative, the comfortable over the uncomfortable, high vibrations over low, following your joy, and embrace floating downstream.

But who is the version of us that rebels against the teachings that, ‘magic is only within feeling good’, that fearlessly pushes UPSTREAM, and defiantly skips on down the path of MOST resistance?

We’ve had it drilled into us that those paths only yield suffering, sadness, dis-ease, and Karens. But I am here to tell you that is one hundred percent NOT true. It has been a clever game that got us to this point - but now it’s time to step way beyond that ‘leading edge’.

If you’re courageous, rebellious, and trust in yourself enough to see what is on the other side of so-called negative experiences - I promise, you will find a sparkling treasure chest full of mind-blowing greatness, self-empowerment, magics, self-respect, and creation miracles that weren’t available in that last chapter.

Welcome to the POWERHOUSE version of you”

The above is a recent post I put up on my Instagram as a reflection of a whole new mindset (State) that is arising within me asking, “You ready to go here?”

I so adore how life takes us down these paths of “the least expected”. After 30 years of positivity, “follow your joy”, and “down stream” actions - suddenly I find myself unintentionally dating the exact opposite. And through that, finding the answers I’ve been searching high and low for. And loving it!

I truly had no idea of the amazing expanding power (and treasures!) within self respect and self esteem that you only seem to find from embrace hard work, discomfort, and pushing upstream. The ironic thing is I used to view people who thought this way as unenlightened and not “spiritually aware”. I would hear famous people preach this - but it would blow right past me like a fast moving cloud - quickly forgotten.

However, suddenly this mindset has taken on a whole new interest and embodiment for me. It challenges the conventional wisdom that emphasizes positivity, comfort, and following the path of least resistance. It invites me to discover the well-disguised value within embracing the discomfort, pushing against the norm, and exploring the so-called "negative" experiences. By doing so, I am uncovering hidden treasures of self-empowerment, creativity, and personal growth that were never accessible within the confines of traditional New Age teachings.

This mindset is bold and rebellious (just like this author 😉), encourages me to break free from societal norms, and explore alternative paths to self-discovery and empowerment.

If you’re reading this - then your Future Self is calling you to reconstruct your beliefs about positivity and negativity and invites you to embrace the FULL spectrum of human experience in order to unlock your FULL potential.

“You can’t move up to FULL potential if you only embrace half of YOU.” ~KMFC

You’ve been asking for a new level of personal empowerment and greatness - and here it is within courage, rebellion, and self-trust.


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