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Drug Of Choice

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

This life is my ultimate drug of choice

Every moment of this life has my awed attention.

I am blown away, in every fuckin’ moment, by our absolute brilliance!

There is nothing out there more addicting that what’s in here.

*Pointing to self*

Delicious appreciation, awe, and wow.

Care about every detail of your consciousness, reality, existence, LIFE.

Feeling fear? That’s because I can!

Hell yes, I’m that bad-ass.

Feeling joy? Bored? Excited? Oh, will the wonders never cease?

Make a big deal -to yourself- out of every apple that falls.

Value your WHOLE life - everything that arises JUST. FOR. YOU.

Every feeling & thought! Every event & experience.

Gratitude & connectedness TO. THIS. LIFE. This existence.

It truly is magical.

Every nano-moment is LIFE (YOU) focused on YOU. See all the gifts.

Be intentional, and be unintentional, in your thoughts and actions. Because you can!

No more distracting yourself from you.

No more playing so fucking small and dim.

Dare Life to rise to YOUR level.

Dare this existence to blow you away like never before.

Dare yourself to erupt in a magnificence that even you can’t turn away from.

💖 & 💋 Kristen

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