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I was reading a quote of Abraham Hicks’ where they said, “When you ask, it is given, every single time, no exceptions. But it takes self-convincing before you will allow good things to come your way.”

How do you have, “No exceptions” and “but” in the same sentence? I’m sorry (or am I?) but that is a cop-out. That’s an escape clause! And this is why:

In the Law of Attraction frame work, you are adored (by Source/God) who will always give you everything you want - but certain rules must be followed. Specific principles, such as maintaining a high vibrations and positive mindset, are required in order to manifest (be given) your desires.

The psychology world calls this a Reward System.

This is no different than any structured religion (or parental) based on the methodology of controlling, just a tad more fun because the preacher is channeling a loving, all-knowing Being who will answer your questions directly. But the fundamentals are the same; If you are very good, you get heaven. If you’re not, you get hell. It even has a “rewards based on good behavior” system in place called a Vortex.

Hang in there - I know this doesn’t feel very good. But sometimes, a bit of a shock to the system (think turning on bright lights while you are just waking up - squinting and blink blink) is necessary to get you moving out of your comfort zone.

Now, there was a time in your life where this kind of loving hand holding and teachings were an answer to a prayer/desire. Except YOU answered that prayer by manifested something called the Law of Attraction and channeling to foster hope and faith and a tad more freedom than what you currently were interacting with. Well done.

And just like any growing Being, the reason you are here, reading this, is you are now answering another prayer. A demand for even more freedom and flexibility. Because, that truly is the fundamental reason behind EVERY desire and want. Freedom.

So, here you go. Here is the opening of the gate to let you do zoomies and run free.

Embracing a Reality Without Universal Laws

This includes:

  1. Unlimited Potential: If there are no universal laws, you have limitless potential to create your reality based solely on your beliefs and imagination.

  2. Internal Authority: You become the sole authority of your experiences, with no external rules dictating your manifestations.

  3. Fluid Reality: Reality becomes highly adaptable, changing fluidly with your shifting perceptions and beliefs.

  4. Empowerment: This perspective can be incredibly empowering, as it places all creative power firmly in your hands.

This puts YOU in the driver seat. No more resigning yourself to a teacher (God). You now understand that YOU are the teacher. You get to say, “Nope, I’m not available for that.” And choose something else. And what is really amazing is the  enormous new world that comes rushing in to give you delightful, newer, and FREER experiences. Right in front of your very eyes.

By fully embracing this concept, you can explore the boundless possibilities of your creative power without any constraints. How wonderful is that? A bit scary, yes, like any new endeavor. But, you’ve taken on countless new ventures (and will continue after this, as well) and have always made it through - more intelligent, more adventurous, bolder, and with a bigger, more powerful sense of independence. And this time is no different, because that is who you are. A brilliant Being of constant growth and expansion.

Welcome to LIFE!


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