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Bridges of Incidence, Echoes, & Momentum

No matter what you call it (all the names in the title) there will be times when your old personality life and beliefs can echo through.

You can be “vibrating” at the highest and happiest and most celebratory level and suddenly somebody pipes up with some depressing news that makes you go, “Wtf? Where’d that come from?”

I used to believe the universe was testing my resilience during those times, “I see you determined to vibrate happiness no matter what - but how about now?” But I have since learned that there is no devious universe trying to trip me up and that it is simply evidence (and a wonderful tool) that I am not quite as on-track as I thought (or hoped) I was.

Every spiritual teacher broaches this subject in their own way.

Abraham Hicks calls it Momentum - where basically your old dominant vibration has a momentum of its own that takes a bit to slow down so your new vibration can now become dominant. So, while you may wish for your best friend to be happily married - it may seem to take a while with lots of evidence that not only is she/he still single, but it seems like they will never find love.

Neville Goddard has a teaching term called “Bridges of Incidents”. He explains it as a “bridge of incidents will appear in your world, and you’ll walk across some series of events leading up to the fulfillment of the desired state.” Basically, you have an ideal state you are dreaming about or wishing for and you will notice incidents occurring that seem to either have nothing to do with your wish being fulfilled or it can feel like these incidental events are exactly why this desire has arrived so perfectly. But he warns not to fall into the trap of thinking there is only one way (bridge) to reach your desire. Bridges of Incidents often can look like a continuation of the undesired situation and your only job is maintain “living in the end” or acting like your desire is here.

When an old undesired situation continues despite my best efforts to “manifest” the opposite, I like to call them Echoes.

Recently, a friend of mine was running into a hard time financially. I know my job as the Operant Power of my reality is to see that person financially successful and feeling the resultant celebratory feelings - and to hold to that state exactly in the same way I would as if it has truly occurred. Not in a desperate need, but in the calm, happy state of being joyful for that person’s good fortune.

After enjoying a half hour walk while imagining the successful result of my desire for this person - I got a call. It was my friend, sobbing in tears because things got even worse and now they were going to loose their house. While this seems to be evidence that I am anything BUT an Operant Power and that everything I believe in is a mistake - instead I understand(stood) that this was simply an echo of an old state and echoes can neither harm me or anyone else.

Imagine yourself on a cliff yelling out, “Hello”. You will soon hear your “Hello” echoed back to you over and over. You then choose to yell some other word out - but instead of hearing your new word come back you still hear the original “hello” continuing its echoing. But in that moment, you know that echo can’t hurt you, it means nothing about you, and that your new choice is coming in right behind that old echo. In fact, you’re so ready to hear that new word you yelled out that you probably barely even notice the old echo fading away.

This is exactly what I invite you to do when an old echo, momentum, or bridge of incidence comes your way. Pay it no mind. Its existence is paltry and it is quickly fading away. Focus happily on “living in the end” or the wonderful results of your wish coming true.

By the way, a couple days after my friend’s desperate phone call, she called me to tell me she was just offered a perfect job that comes with a place to live, all expenses paid, and five times her previous income!


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1 Comment

Kristen Clark
Kristen Clark
Nov 20, 2023

Hey my friends, what are your thoughts about this? Do you ever experience this?

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