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Best Reality Show Out There

12 years ago I channeled Iram, the Dragon Collective. I thought I’d get Angelics or something like that. Figures I’d create Dragons. 😆

When I asked them who created them?

They said, “YOU did.”

When I asked what dimension they were in?

They said, “There are no dimensions. There is only the space within YOU where everything is birthed.”

When I asked where did their wisdom come from?

They said, “YOU”.

I asked them, “Why do we believe in a God, Source, All That Is, Spirit Guides, Angelics, Aliens, Fairies, etc.”?

They said, “It serves a purpose until you are ready to step into that role.”

At this point, I took the scariest leap of my life, I walked away from the dog and pony shows of distraction (channeling, clairvoyance, mysticism, etc.) and focused my life-giving attention on what was my greatest manifestation/creation - myself.

Best decision ever.

The channeled wisdom and answers didn’t stop. They just no longer needed to be channeled.

The magic and miracles of the mystical world didn’t cease. It suddenly was everywhere within snow storms, baby’s laughs, a butterfly’s airy flit, the overnight blossoming of a tulip, the $5 bill in a pocket, a strangers smile (or even scowl).

We did nothing (manifesting process) for our existence and yet, here we are.

We do nothing to perpetuate our existence and yet, it does.

You can be as negative as can be and the sun will always rise.

Every obstacle eventually becomes a doorway (you ALWAYS get to the other side) - without any work from you.

While ALL people, places, & things come and go (beliefs, feeelings, ideas, creations) - there is one thing that ALWAYS remains, YOU.

Perhaps now you are ready to turn your focus there. Or not. The earth won’t stop turning.


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