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Being a Billionaire

Being a billionaire has absolutely nothing to do with dollar bills and it has everything to do with being a State. A state of mind, a state of being. Not a forced state of mind (I AM-ing all over ourselves) - but a gentle declaration deep in your soul that this is who you are now and you go forward from there as that person - regardless of stuffs.

It isn’t something you can will into being anymore than you could will the sun to rise before its time.

You can’t meditate billions into arriving, nor can you mentally force yourself into the State.

There are no tips or secrets, no hoops or hacks, and definitely not any horse and pony shows that will revel the hidden back door into this exclusive club that supposedly only 1% are blessed enough to find.

My loves, being a billionaire is a Being of freedom.

How do I know I am a billionaire? 2 years ago I simply decided I was - and a few months later I suddenly realized that when I pay for lunch, I never look at the total. I never compare prices of things anymore and for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the last time I knew how much I paid for groceries. I’m always too busy chatting happily with the checker or the bagger. Just swipe the card and go.

Go visit my sister in Florida? Check.

Go stay at a nice hotel on the beach for 3 days, just cause. Check.

Fly first class. Check.

Loose $599 and just move on with nary a thought. Check.

Loan a friend three times the amount of money he asked for because it felt so good. Check.

Yes, there is a faith. But it lives inside naturally. There isn’t any “should-ing” go on.

This has nothing to do with me being suddenly rich, or a feelings of abundance, focus wheels, story boards, or any other airy fairy feel-good hokum rain dance. (Tho’ I have my moments)

It was just a subtle shift in how I interacted with my world - that I didn’t even know it happened. I just realized that for the past couple years - I don’t think, feel, or behave around money the way I used to. Seriously, a whole different person.

As I said before - there is just a Being of Freedom. I can’t really explain it - it definitely isn’t something that can be taught, coerced, or bullet pointed.

It’s like deciding you’re going to dye your hair red and now you are walking around as a red-head.

If you’re trying to figure out how to do it - you can’t get there from there. (I mean, really. How's that working out for you?)

The apple is going to fall when the apple is going to fall.

Just make the declaration, take a step, and the next step gets you where you’re going. Don’t purposefully act a certain way you think billionaires act - that will just put you in debt. ALLOW the shift in state to arise naturally simply because this is who you are now.

There is no forcing of your existence. It just is.

The sun shines.

The air is delicious.

The birds sing.

The waves crash.

The flowers grow.

The wind blows.

And you, my billionaire friend, exist.

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