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Because I Can

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

As I play in a world where I strive to control, and create at the same time, I can’t help but notice (and learn over and over) that there is always an easier route. And yet, despite this knowledge, I will choose the rougher, bumpier, easier to get lost on, road – again and again. Why?

Because I can.

And yet, when I am, again, wandering on down a road that goes ??? - and I am starting to fret and panic – do I remember that every single rough road has always, eventually, led back to the smooth all-is-well path where I, yet again, get to take that deep sigh of relief? Probably not.

<<throwing hands up in the air>>


Because I can.

This isn’t defiance or insolence – but a soothing understanding during my cry to the universe of “Why?”

While I can journey down the road of explanations, victimizations, justifications, and a thousand other “-ations”, once I remove everyone to blame (including myself), every discipline, enlightenment and reasoning from my current reality - only one answer remains.

Because I can.

Because this wondrous being that can cry and laugh, hate and love, and find abundant wealth within absolute destitution, all at the same time, CAN.

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