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I woke up last night with a wayward thought that wasn't bad, but it was an old limiting belief I thought I was done with. And, immediately, I thought, "Does this feel beautiful?"

Of course, the answer was, "No." And in that moment I chose to find a thought (that did) to replace the one I had woken up to.

See, while we may use "beautiful" to describe how something looks I love to use it to describe how something feels.

Beautiful is a powerful feeling that will usher in serenity, ease, calm, awe, and joy. And it is a very, VERY, useful tool for making tough decisions, answering difficult (and not-so-difficult) questions, calming a frantic mind, and chasing away fearful thoughts.

It's easy. Think of something beautiful (flowers, sunrise, snow-capped mountain, snowfall in a quiet forest, etc.), and take a moment to feel that beauty. The awe, the wow, the smile, but also its power to stop you in your tracks. There is strength, authority, and true might within that power.

And now use that feeling to ask yourself, "Does this (post, thought, person, invitation, etc.) feel beautiful?" If it doesn't, you can choose to find the thought that does or walk away.

The more you follow beautiful, the more beautiful follows you.

Hugs, Kristen

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