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Are You Afraid To Be You?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Are you afraid to be you? And what, exactly, defines "you"? I suppose starting with your name is as good a place as any to start. And then what?

When you are hanging around your family or friends, what parts of you are, or aren't, allowed to join in on the conversations? What aspects of you do you assume won't be understood or tolerated?

You are as faceted (and just as brilliant), as any diamond - so, to try to define what makes up "you" is usually a never-ending task. But, there is an aspect of you, present since birth, that is as distinctively identifiable a part of you as your eye-color, finger prints, and dental records. This part of you goes beyond personality, gender, and preferences. It IS you.

This part of you, that you may think you are hiding, is as brilliant as the sun. And anyone who comes into contact with you, whether casually or intimately, immediately sees this brilliance. You can't hide this - and you seriously aren't doing anyone, especially yourself, any favors by trying.

But when you allow this aspect of you to shine, not from a defiance energy, but from a deep love for a part of you that just lights you up so completely, you gives others the permission to do the same. In fact, when you embrace this part of you, so thoroughly that it feels as if it is integrated into your cells, molecules, atoms and DNA (it is anyway, duh), you truly and completely shift your reality, and the adjoining world around you. Acceptance, admiration, love, and allowance starts inundating the very air you breathe. But it all starts with you.

So, let your freak-flag fly high, and know that as soon as you do, this universe will reflect you with such wondrous delights that you will wonder why you ever hid this brilliance to begin with.

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2 commentaires

Very well said 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Love this!! Thank you for giving me permission to shine my light ☀️

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