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Be Your Future Self Now

Saturday, January 21. 2023
9am-12pm (PST)

At the end of this exciting webinar, you will:

  • See a mind-blowing improvement in your level of confidence and pleasure with life.

  • Be a pro at leap-frogging over every limiting belief and thought for rapid acceleration of a life of first-class, luxurious joy.

  • Delight in guaranteed visible and palpable shifts in your world.

  • Interact in wonder with a version of yourself you only dreamed of, a version that easily ushers in a life of profound fun.


Get ready for:

  • Solidly saturating yourself in the brilliance and loving guidance of your Future Self.

  • Daily empowering tasks designed for immediate and palpable shifts of your mind and being.

  • And as always, Kristen weaves fun and empowerment energy into this absolutely life-changing good time.


From the very first minute, you will saturate in a version of yourself who doesn’t just understand the world of wonder and miracles - but fully lives there.


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